Australian Indigenous Design Frillneck (fitted with adjustable chin strap)

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Frillneck presents the original Australian Style versatile sun protection hat. It is made using quality Australian Sports Fabric that "Wicks" moisture to outer surface for rapid cooling. It provides UPF+50 protection and thus reduces exposure to harsh sun significantly. Fully adjustable adult size Frillneck that includes zip pocket, side ventilation, deep visor for extra protection and chin strap that keeps your Frillneck firmly in place underway and in windy conditions.


Indigenous Style Frillneck is available in 4 designs: 

Cuya design by 'Les Huddleston Lipwurrunga'

Kinarli design by 'Eddie Janama Kitching'

Miderri design by 'Norma Chidanpee Benger'

Kimirrakinni design by 'Jennifer Lulu Coombes'